From:		"Frank W. Josellis" <>
Subject:	ubench results  
Date:		Thu, 6 Sep 2001 23:30:51 +0200 (CEST)  
OS:        Linux 2.4.5 (Slackware 8.0)
CPU:       1 x AMD Athlon 1200 MHz
L1 cache:  128K
L2 cache:  256K
Memory:    512M (PC2100)

Ubench CPU:    58359
Ubench MEM:    79203
Ubench AVG:    68781

These benchmarks were obtained using egcs-2.91.66. The optimizer
flag was set to -O (rather than the default -O2) which actually
increased the ubench index. (Likewise, on an AMD K6-2, ubench
performed somewhat better if compiled with the -O flag.)

Frank Josellis