From:  mel <>
Subject:  ubench test results 
Date:  Wed, 11 Oct 2000 09:47:12 -0700 

hello, and thank you for ubench! I have these results:

All running RedHat 6.2, Linux 2.2.14-5.0, gcc ver. egcs 2.91.66

P166, 64MB ram	CPU 6461 mem 5596 avg 6023	(66.15 bogomips)
P75, 64MB ram	CPU 2734 mem 3237 avg 2985  	(29.80 bogomips)
sparc4/70 64MB	CPU 1325 mem 1742 avg 1533	(69.83 bogomips)

On the sparc, I got errors on make, (reported that 2 is 'non-power of 2
or not between 4 and [some large number] so I changed Makefile
-malign-loops, jumps and functions to 4, then was ok. As I have no idea
what these functions do, I also changed and tested ubench on the P166,
observed no change.

One other interesting point: running ubench in an X terminal window
usually gave higher numeric results than from a console command line,
with nothing else (except background tasks) running!

" It's always SOMEthin..." Roseanna Roseannadana, MCSE