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<TITLE>${item_name} license</TITLE>
<H2>${item_name} license</H2>
<A HREF="/download/${item_name}.htm">${item_name}</A> is distributed in the hope that it
will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the
implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
By purchasing the <B>one-year license</B> for ${item_name} you are agreeing to this
In order to generate the license, please provide the <A HREF="/download/hostid.htm">hostid</A>
of the machine you intend to run ${item_name} on. The hostid value is obtained by running <EM>hostid</EM>
UNIX command. The command should produce 8-character string which is hexadecimal representation
of the numeric hostid. Cut and paste the 8-character hostid string into the input box below and click
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